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ad1281logoDimensions of dyslexia in HE

zoom featureMy PhD research project is exploring the impact that dyslexia, as a learning difference, has on academic agency in Higher Education contexts...

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I am very grateful for your time and trouble - I will receive your reply completely anonymously although when I have collected the data and analysed it I will be happy to share my findings so there is a space at the bottom for you to leave me your e-mail address if you would like to receive a link to the results. After you have submitted your answers you can change your mind and withdraw your data if you wish and details about how to do this are on the questionnaire acknowledgement page that will replace this one.

Thank you.
Andrew Dykes, PhD Researcher, Middlesex University - more about my project is available here: link to main project pages

The questionnaire starts here:

In your interactions with students with dyslexia, to what extent do you encounter each of these dimensions?

0% = never
50% = in about half
100% = all the time

Dimension 01:
students' spelling is generally very poor
50 %

Dimension 02:
students say that they find it very challenging to manage their time effectively
50 %

Dimension 03:
students say that they can explain things more easily verbally than in their writing
50 %

Dimension 04:
students show evidence of being very disorganized most of the time
50 %

Dimension 05:
in their writing, students say that they often use the wrong word for their intended meaning
50 %

Dimension 06:
students seldom remember appointments and/or rarely arrive on time for them
50 %

Dimension 07:
students say that when reading, they sometimes re-read the same line or miss out a line altogether
50 %

Dimension 08:
students show evidence of having difficulty putting their writing ideas into a sensible order
50 %

Dimension 09:
students show evidence of a preference for mindmaps or diagrams rather than making lists or bullet points when planning their work
50 %

Dimension 10:
students show evidence of poor short-term (and/or working) memory - for example: remembering telephone numbers
50 %

Dimension 11:
students say that they find following directions to get to places challenging or confusing
50 %

Dimension 12:
when scoping out projects or planning their work, students express a preference for looking at the 'big picture' rather than focusing on details
50 %

Dimension 13:
students show evidence of creative or innovative problem-solving capabilities
50 %

Dimension 14:
students report difficulties making sense of lists of instructions
50 %

Dimension 15:
students report regularly getting their 'lefts' and 'rights' mixed up
50 %

Dimension 16:
students report their tutors telling them that their essays or assignments are confusing to read
50 %

Dimension 17:
students show evidence of difficulties in being systematic when searching for information or learning resources
50 %

Dimension 18:
students are very unwilling or show anxiety when asked to read 'out loud'
50 %

In your work with students with dyslexia, if you have come across other characteristics or attributes that aren't listed above please note them here, if possible also indicating their frequency using the same, 0-100% scale as above:

This is the end of my questionnaire. Your time taken to complete it is much appreciated and your answers will make a valuable contribution to my PhD project.
If you would like to receive a summary of the analysis of responses to this questionnaire please leave me your e-mail address here and as soon as I've worked through all the data I will send you the link to the enquiry summary that will be published on my project webpages:

If you want to review your answers before sending them you can do so, otherwise click the button to finish the questionnaire:

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