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academic purposeAcademic agency:

Academic agency is a sense of academic purpose, being a product of academic self-efficacy and academic confidence, which is then the major influence on academic accomplishment (Zimmerman, 1995)

Zimmerman, B.J., 1995, Self-efficacy and educational development. In: Bandura, A., Self-efficacy in changing societies, Cambridge, Cambridge University Press. [Read more about this paper on my StudyBlog]
library abstractResearch QNR

To indicate that you have viewed the Project Information Statement and the Participant Informed Consent Statement, and that you are freely agreeing to participate in this research PLEASE TICK THIS BOX

The questionnaire will only take about 15 minutes to complete
Everyone who completes the questionnaire can enter the Prize Draw for a chance to win a valuable reward for taking part - details here:link to rewards information

What is this project about?
  • As a PhD researcher I am trying to find out more about the study and learning preferences of students in Higher Education because in my professional role as a learning development tutor, I am a strong advocate of celebrating diversity in learning.

  • I want to find out how some learning differences such as dyslexia and other learning diversities or challenges impact on students' academic agencylink to more information
    However, this research is pitched at everyone at university, so please read on ...

  • By exploring attitudes to study amongst the complete student community at university, I am hoping that the data analysis results will show that a re-think in the provision and delivery of university learning is long overdue for making it easier to access and more adaptable to individual learning preferences.

You can view the project information statement and the participant informed consent form below and before proceeding to the questionnaire you will be able to confirm that you have looked at these documents.
  • Participant Information Statement: link to participant information sheet

  • Participant INFORMED CONSENT STATEMENT: link to participant informed consent statement

Your contribution to the project is very important and is a voice that will be listened to. The time you spend completing the questionnaire will make a real difference to the quality of the data and the outcome of the research. Thank you for taking part.

Andrew Dykes, PhD Researcher, Middlesex University