overviewPhD Presentation NOTES #18
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[A list of references is provided in ~Notes #20]
Summary of results - Dx and ABC

  • The summary table speaks for itself but note in particular the closeness of the sample mean Dx for research subgroups DNI and DI-600 - that is, students presenting an unreported, dyslexia-like profile (DNI) and students with identified dyslexia presenting a Dyslexia Index Dx > 592.5. These sample means were tested using Student's t-test for independent sample means and at the 5% level for a one-tail test, the means were found to be NOT significantly different from each other.

  • This indicates that for the research purposes of this project, the two subgroups are presenting similar Dyslexia Index values and hence other attributes may be justifiably compared.

  • Hence, the mean Academic Behavioural Confidence for these subgroups of particular interest - DNI and DI-600 - presents a statistically significant difference and an effect size of 0.48, which conventionally is regarded as 'moderate'.

  • That is, students with an unreported, dyslexia-like profile DO present a significantly higher Academic Behavioural Confidence than their dyslexia-identified peers.