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library abstractresearch QNR - Participant INFORMED CONSENT STATEMENT
middlesex university students

PhD Research Project Title: Exploring relationships between learning differences and academic agency in Higher Education learning
Researcher: Andrew Dykes
Researcher's contact details: ad1281@live.mdx.ac.uk
Principal Supervisor: Dr. Victoria de Rijke
Supervisor's contact details: v.derijke@mdx.ac.uk

Participant Informed Consent Statement
- by moving forward from this page to the questionnaire, it will be assumed that you have agreed to participate in the research and that:
  • you have understood that the answers you provide in the questionnaire and the data that is generated will be completely anonymously received by the researcher and not identifiable directly to you;
  • you have understood that you have the right to withdraw from participation in the project at any time without any obligation to explain your reasons for doing so;
  • you have understood that you can request the researcher to remove and erase any data that your questionnaire reply generates provided your request to do so is received by the researcher before the formal data analysis process begins in January 2016. (Details about how to request removal of data are provided after the questionnaire has been submitted);
  • you have understood that the data that your questionnaire reply generates will be used as part of the process of data analysis and will form part of the publication of the research project outcomes, and that as a result of the anonymity of your data as received by the researcher, nothing in any publication can be attributed to your contribution.