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Project study-blog

The study-blog diarizes the progress of the project. It includes reflective commentaries on pertinent research papers of interest and will form the kernel of the literature review. As data has arrived, the study-blog also records many of the analysis processes that have been learned and applied to try to make sense of it all and these writings will contribute to the data-analysis write-up and inform the discussion part of the final thesis. All blog-posts are also available here as single-file pdf documents to view or to download and print.

Recent blog-posts:
  • link to pdfDyslexia Index (Dx) factor profiles - an analysis breakdown of Dx values in research subgroups
  • link to pdfPrincipal Component Analysis - an opening resumé about what needs to be done
  • link to pdfResearch subgroups and Dyslexia Index boundaries - how the research subgroups are established
  • link to pdfWhat's wrong with university is ... - researcher's rant
  • link to pdfCoding categorical data; using Student's t-test in SPSS
  • link to pdfCronbach's alpha
  • link to pdfReverse coding - accommodating QNR statement balance
  • link to pdfCollating the data - a first analysis summary
  • link to pdfSettling data - a developing analysis plan
  • link to pdfDimensions of dyslexia - part 2: revisiting the data; looking for meaning
  • link to pdfData profiles from the 6 psycheducational QNR metrics - what these mean
  • link to pdfQNR data is arriving - first impressions
  • link to pdfVisualizing data to aid analysis - describing the analysis' graphs and charts
  • link to pdfTechnical log: part 1 - recording technical issues and solutions
  • link to pdfDyslexic identities - two recent papers
  • link to pdfDimensions of dyslexia - part 1: the QNR rationale and the impact on the project methodology
  • link to pdfAcademic agency - what is it?
  • link to pdfStatistical power, effect size and type 1/2 errors - a learning summary
  • link to pdfNeurodiversity and dyslexia - challenging the social construction of specific learning difficulties
  • link to pdfDefinitions of dyslexia QNR - survey analysis
  • link to pdfDefinitions of dyslexia QNR - what is the contemporary view?
  • link to pdfMore on calibration - a further commentary
  • link to pdfCalibration = Confidence? - is this academic equivalency?
  • link to pdfLiterature Review Maps - developing a process for organizing resources
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