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QNR respondent #89578861
QNR respondent #89578861 said:
  • 'Although I do not have any learning difficulties, as a EAL student I really struggled and sometimes still do in doing academic work, especially in secondary school (started learning English in year 6). I think that having the mind set and support of my family helped me learn the English language very quickly and now I am very proud of myself for gaining 1st grades within my course. I think that the support the university offers for EAL pupils is outstanding. Furthermore, my lecturer always mentions the fact that some her brightest students have English as an additional language, which is reassuring to hear.
    I think that the only way we can help anyone within society who has a disadvantage is by asking THEM, not assuming that they are incompetent and that as professionals, policy makers etc, we are placed in a better position then those who are living with the challenges. Therefore, I think its vital that the university (or any institute) has regular reviews and feedback from those who use their services in order to continue to develop effective support stratergies.'