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QNR respondent #61231849 said:
  • 'As I am an international student, I can compare the way studiyng worked at a German university compared to an English university. While you have more freedom with your essays at an English university, many students also feel lost due to that. In Germany, students have stricter guidelines, which helps students that are not as confident or are anxiuos about getting things right and not making mistakes.

    I often feel left alone when writing essays. Not because I am not confident in myself being able to write a good essay but because I have the feeling my lecturers know what they want to read, but they don't communicate this to the students, even when asked directly. So everytime I write an essay I just write it my way, which I deem as good, but at the same time I am always anxious that I might be going into the 'wrong' directions in the eyes of the person who is grading it.

    Moreover, I think that there should be a differentiation between studying for exams and learning in the meaning of writing an essay, as these are two completely different processes in my opinion.'
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