academic behavioural confidence85 dyslexia index 359
QNR respondent #60017207
QNR respondent #60017207 said:
  • 'I'm the type of person who gets anxious when they have nothing to do. I always need to keep busy, especially when it comes to work. As soon as I get a piece of coursework, I try and get it done to a high standard. This is a strength, as well as a challenge. I don't like the fact that I can't relax, as I feel like I waste time. Although, sometimes I feel that I can relax after I've done what I consider a satisfactory amount of work. Overall, I don't pick things up quick. I'm more of a hard worker than a natural learner. Some of my friends can interpret data straight away, whereas I have to take my time to understand it in depth. Once I understand it, I don't forget it, and sometimes I even understand it better than others.
    Hope this helps, and good luck with your research.'