academic behavioural confidence81dyslexia index346
QNR respondent #21294241
QNR respondent #21294241 said:
  • 'My early experiences of learning (primary & secondary schoo) did not provide me with strategies to learn outside of school, encourage me to learn more and provide support in assisting me to progress further. It is the further education I have received and teaching in primary school that has helped me develop my own learning needs and strategies;
    I have issues with procrastinating, time-management and making an effective plan of knowing where to start. I also have found that I work better during the night, as compared to the day. I do leave starting my work to the last minute and generally I do produce good work, however I leave little time for ediging and improvements;
    I have always associated the home to be a place for relaxation, which is why I cannot motivate myself to work at home and a reason why I use the university library (especially as it is 24 hours a day, seven days a week). This has been a huge part of my success in doing well at university and actually completing the course. My past attempts at education have failed due to these reasons and fundamentally due to my organizational skill. I do believe that having a healthy lifestyle, a good network of people and good environment has been ahuge part of my success to studying'
Dyslexia Index Dx Factor 1 Dx Factor 2 Dx Factor 3 Dx Factor 4 Dx Factor 5
  Reading, Writing, Spelling Processing Organization & Time Management Thinking & Scoping Working Memory
Dx = 377.72 319.86 576.27 404.77 473.17
Academic Behavioural Confidence ABC Factor 1 ABC Factor 2 ABC Factor 3 ABC Factor 4 ABC Factor 5
  Study Efficacy Engagement Academic Output Attendance Debating
ABC = 63.57 88.43 84.00 86.00 95.00