academic behavioural confidence80 dyslexia index463
QNR respondent #18314517
QNR respondent #18314517 said:
  • 'I am born half deaf (my right ear cannot hear at all), so sometimes it is difficult for me to join a discussion or debate especially when people are talking in different dialects and accents. However, I learnt that I shouldn't feel ashamed with my disability and tell my teachers and classmates about it. My classmates reserve a seat for me where I can hear them clearly or read their lips clearly. During the class, they also help me by writing any unheard words. Moreover, the teacher also welcome if i tell them that they need to speak slower, louder, and clearer. Because I knew that I have a problem in verbal communication, so I decided to strengthen my written communication. My notes sometimes are used by my classmates because they are easily understood.'