academic behavioural confidence71dyslexia index 605
QNR respondent #96408048
QNR respondent #96408048 said:
  • 'I tend to have this brain fog, before which I seem to know what to do, where to go etc. All of a sudden, this fog envelopes my mind and I forget even basics like where i put the pen, which road am i driving on etc.
    I have started using excel sheet for every little thing to remember and also sticky notes, so that my children remind me of things like assignment deadlines, school timetables etc.'
Dyslexia Index Dx Factor 1 Dx Factor 2 Dx Factor 3 Dx Factor 4 Dx Factor 5
  Reading, Writing, Spelling Processing Organization & Time Management Thinking & Scoping Working Memory
Dx = 824.11 746.99 512.26 80.00 489.51
Academic Behavioural Confidence ABC Factor 1 ABC Factor 2 ABC Factor 3 ABC Factor 4 ABC Factor 5
  Study Efficacy Engagement Academic Output Attendance Debating
ABC = 65.14 61.86 96.80 90.00 27.00