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QNR respondent #52289216 said:
  • 'Ways that studying at Uni can be improved is by far, to teach students on how to learn. We're always taught the content for a specific subject, but has anyone every taught a student on how to learn? I say this because a lot of information taught in the Undergraduate degree is important, however when a student (like myself) tries to revise religiously for an exam right after the information has not been retained. For example when working in the hospital the Dr advised me on using mind maps to learn, (by Tony Buzan, and Dominic O'Brien) - which helped immensely.
    Also I don't think you can make much of a difference about what I'm going to say, but I'll say it anyways. I love learning, and have a huge passion for seeking more knowledge - esp in Science. However I truly hate the grading system, as I feel like it puts me in a box. Studying is important, I just wish there was a way to remove the fear of failing/receiving a grade - because my effort is 100% but my grade may not reflect that. I don't know. I just think there should be more help with organisation too, and how to learn. Thanks'