academic behavioural confidence58 dyslexia index 590
QNR respondent #44317730
QNR respondent #44317730 said:
  • 'For exams I revise the citations which cue my memory of the facts. Making sure that information on lectures slides are cited on each slide- as I can sometimes never find the information they are referring to but I want to cite this in exams (for coursework it is different because you find the majority of research yourself but for exams you want main contributors of a theory. In general I find exams stressful as my memory is not the best and I feel exams are a memory test most the time even though they may be posed as 'not a memory test'. This is why i prefer coursework, as I get started on it early , it still takes me a long time to do it but I can produce effective work from it compared to exams. My anxiety also gets in the way of my concentration and memory for exams.'