academic behavioural confidence67 dyslexia index512
QNR respondent 99141284
QNR respondent 99141284 said:
  • 'My Dyslexia affects my organisation abilities mostly. I'm strong academically and have never lacked confidence despite quite strong learning difficulties because I have a good memory. I am chronically late, disorganised and often have large dips in academic confidence, however I am not a good student. I struggle with the amount of reading set and fall behind and then give up, all the time.

    If there was more structured time, rather than only 3 hours of contact a week I don't think I would struggle. Routine is paramount to my success and a humanities degree like mine is not structured. At school we had 9-4 days and this was conducive to me working. Lack of schedule is my weakness: massive procrastinator. More tutor time and more regular assignments, rather than one per term I think would actually be beneficial as it would inspire momentum and ensure that there was external pressures to keeping up to date.'