academic behavioural confidence38 dyslexia index749
QNR respondent #90023507
QNR respondent #90023507 said:
  • 'I am a visual person for me its easier to remember something if i am shown a image of that thing. i struggle greatly reading from a computer screen and even from paper my vision gets blurred and makes me anxious and i end up avoiding it for some time after that. i do return to the reading trying to force myself to read the text but it is still hard to absorb the information. i often ask my peers to read out small texts for me, which sometimes helps but i also tend to not understand most academic words or phrases sometimes even when i look up for a meaning.
Dyslexia Index Dx Factor 1 Dx Factor 2 Dx Factor 3 Dx Factor 4 Dx Factor 5
  Reading, Writing, Spelling Processing Organization & Time Management Thinking & Scoping Working Memory
Dx = 809.69 729.06 468.64 772.11 662.20
Academic Behavioural Confidence ABC Factor 1 ABC Factor 2 ABC Factor 3 ABC Factor 4 ABC Factor 5
  Study Efficacy Engagement Academic Output Attendance Debating
ABC = 28.43 31.43 34.20 86.00 35.00