academic behavioural confidence53 dyslexia index797
QNR respondent #89059542
QNR respondent #89059542 said:
  • 'My final year in Middlesex University and it has been an amazing journey. I have come a long way! First year of my degree, I found out about dyslexic and I was massively traumatised by it. I thought learning would never be the same again, due to my learning disabilities. Nevertheless, I manage to over come my fear and changed it into a positive advantages. I have researched a number of websites and read many articles in relation to dyslexia. This was my turning point in life, knowing that famous entrepreneurs with dyslexic too just like me. The likes of Richard Branson, Allen Sugar and even Steven Spielberg gave me my inspiration to strive for more. If they could overcome it, there should be no reason why I cant easily achieve the same. Personally, I feel that being dyslexic is a gift. you perceive and view life in a completely different view. I know use it to my advantage now, by thinking I'm special so be special. I wish everyone was dyslexic so they can understand, it not a disability but more of an advantage. To all my dyslexiers, cherish your gift! you are different from the norm but it was keeps this world balanced.'
Dyslexia Index Dx Factor 1 Dx Factor 2 Dx Factor 3 Dx Factor 4 Dx Factor 5
  Reading, Writing, Spelling Processing Organization & Time Management Thinking & Scoping Working Memory
Dx = 829.93 553.17 729.77 1000.00 1000.00
Academic Behavioural Confidence ABC Factor 1 ABC Factor 2 ABC Factor 3 ABC Factor 4 ABC Factor 5
  Study Efficacy Engagement Academic Output Attendance Debating
ABC = 27.14 69.00 62.00 46.33 78.00