academic behavioural confidence64 dyslexia index631
QNR respondent #79282501
QNR respondent #79282510 said:

'I find directions very hard to follow and forget a lot of important information such as appointments and appointment times. I have to keep a detailed online diary which sends me emails and phone notifications of lecture times and rooms as well as appointments. I never felt confident in education and never felt like I could go to university. When I finally did decide to go, I often worried that I would fail.

I was re-diagnosed as dyslexic in university (first time in year 3) and often felt embarrassed about excepting support. Only one or two people on my course know I am dyslexic and that was because I had to explain I was going to a dyslexia meeting. Hardly any of my lectures know I am dyslexic as I feel that I want to achieve something without a label, to prove to myself that I can do it.'