academic behavioural confidence51 dyslexia index 804
QNR respondent #77407616
QNR respondent #77407616 said:
  • 'I was diagnosed with Special Learning difficulties before I came to University, they could not quite pin my problems on one or two things as I had a mixture of all of them. However, as I have been through school without knowing I had these major problems, I have created methods to aid me in my work and thus it allowed me to get good grades without any support or help. One aspect I prefer is to listen to people read to me and follow at the same time (not the annoying robotic voices though). Possible to allow automatically for people like me who can apply for mitigating circumstances to get extra time, to have extra time anyway without applying as then it takes pressure off them and don't feel bad at applying for mitigating circumstances... '
Dyslexia Index Dx Factor 1 Dx Factor 2 Dx Factor 3 Dx Factor 4 Dx Factor 5
  Reading, Writing, Spelling Processing Organization & Time Management Thinking & Scoping Working Memory
Dx = 975.06 817.24 667.80 777.34 420.73
Academic Behavioural Confidence ABC Factor 1 ABC Factor 2 ABC Factor 3 ABC Factor 4 ABC Factor 5
  Study Efficacy Engagement Academic Output Attendance Debating
ABC = 43.57 38.57 60.00 66.67 80.00