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QNR respondent #74428045 said:
  • 'Honestly I am not embarrasses about dyslexic because since high school and college I struggle alot and teachers always though I am bit lazy guy who don't care much about future careers and it real hurt my confiences, but i still manage to believed myself that I can achieve something great near future and this why I am manage to carrying on my studies. It hard when no one understand your problems or say your 'diffculty learning' but it okay, I always try and give myself strength to believe and I think that was most important thing to do. Never give up that was probably key factor around my mind that was growing up, when I used to play basketball, I remember coach will shout me not arriving on time, till when i start improving myself how important is when you arrive on time and your team mate wouldn't have to wait to start training.

    My dyslexic is real annoying sometime when you special studying at high levels of education. But I still belive that confiences and strong mindset and obiously self motivation is real important. I manage to improve alot during few years down line but sometimes I still struggle in some areas with my studies but since I start Middlesex university i had alot helps and some teachers real helpful and understanding. It probably one best university or high education school support me so much and I always be greatful for their understanding and give me that confiences not to give up anything in life general. I hoping once I finish university to start writting a book about my journry with dyslexic and help other young kids out there too shy to express them self diffculty having dyslexic. I think is important we 'as ours young generation' should make awareness about diffculty about dyslexic and said is not ashamed and we can help you !
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Dx = 811.09 903.93 567.34 568.59 747.80
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ABC = 54.86 50.00 42.40 63.33 90.00