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QNR respondent #71712644
QNR respondent #71712644 said:
  • 'I was told I have dyslexia when I was in primary school since than I have not been reassessed. I personally believe I do not have the condition because the grades that I came out with in secondary and college is not what many believe those with dyslexia can achieve. However, I do acknowledge that I do have weaknesses which can easily be overcome if I spend more time on my work and access the right support, which I have been doing since without it being handed to me.

    In addition, studying at university should be improved I believe through grater advertisements of learning workshops etc because there are many people including myself who did their first year of university without knowing exactly where they can access support. As well as it should not just be for one type of group of people such as those with particular learning difficulties. This is because think that puts many people off as soon as they see the term 'learning difficulties' and automatically they think it does not apply to them. In fact it does because we all have some type of learning difficulties. The term just puts many off.'