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  • 'I find it best writing and studying at home - there's less pressure then and less distractions.
    Time is a huge pressure factor when it comes to eductation - the amount of time between being given an assignment and completeing it and having all the other classes and things to do inbetween that deadline whilst trying to juggle organising time to write on the essay or another essay - I find particularly challenging and I'm sure I'm not the only one. Often, something that helps me is doing the essay in big chunks, focussing on one thing at a time - having two research days in a row, where I can take regular breaks and pace myself. Writing the essay and finishing it can take three whole days, if I don't need to do any more research along the way. Sometimes I need a breather and have a day or sometimes even a week where I don't touch the essay - and I come back to it to refresh myself and have a more objective view of the work. But this approach and the amount of time it takes me to write has improved, after all the years I've been able to boost that writing skill through learning to write essays.

    Trying to put into written and verbal words anything and describing something can be very hard. But I'll list some strengths anyway, to keep things positive:
    Positivity [most of the time]
    Enthusiasum [I may not be the best but I'm the most enthusiastic!]
    Being able to Listen more [although that's still a work in progress, sometimes I just don't stop talking!]

    Willing to try things more - being less affraid of failing - I've done it so much it's like I'm a pro :D and I can see the pitfalls in things I approach more now, like where I'm more likely to go wrong, so I avoid the fall and try a different way - often working to my favor
    Being less affraid to be different than everyone else in the room - this kind of spearheading is difficult and it can be a challenge most days, I always try to remind myself that I'm unique like everyone else - their probably wanting to be less afraid to be theselves too [having years of being told I'm no good, recieving negative comments to do with how stupid I am by people who are ignorant to dyslexia and generally being misunderstood - I have found it hard to trust people and be free], I don't want to be like everyone else - I want to be me! So, it's a perfect age to 'find myself', 21. It's just taking more time than I expected. I think I have high expectations of myself because people have had that and soceity has high expectations of everyone aswell - it's all about the numbers and percentages - but really that shouldn't get in the way of people living the lives they want to live and being who they want to be...
    I'm not quite sure where I'm going with this, I've gone on a bit of a tangent. But I think something that could best help me studying at uni is people being considerate, patient, allowing for more time to spend on deadlines that I'm paying £9,000 for and a better way for 'schools' within the uni to connect - I feel my Theatre Arts course is very segregated because we don't have a chance to leave our print on the uni and for the uni to leave it's print on us - outside of the course.
    Anyway Thank you for reading and I hope this study helps you.'
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