Research: ATS and dyslexia

student being asked question I am researching the use of Assistive Technology Service (ATS) resources and facilities, together with attitudes to dyslexia as the dissertation component of my own MSc studies and also to provide some pointers for improving the ATS;
dyslexia graphic As you are a student who is registered with the Service, I am interested in finding out about how you use technology in the University and more particularly about your attitudes to your dyslexia and how it might impact on your studies.
questionnaire form So in trying to explore this, I would greatly appreciate a little of your time to complete this short questionnaire which explores your use of computers in your studies and also how you feel about your own dyslexic learning differences.
confidential rubber stamp Although none of the questions are controversial and your reply will come to me anonymously unless you choose to tell me who you are, all information will be treated in the strictest confidence and in line with the British Sociological Association's Statement of Ethical Practice as adopted by the School of Education at the University of Southampton. Many thanks for your help.
ATS/MSc Questionnaire Instructions:
  To reply to most questions ‘click’ the appropriate check box – for some questions you can select more than one reply. There is also a place to tell me more if you want to near the bottom of the questionnaire;
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1. Would you say that you use computers in connection with your studies...


2. Would you say that you use ATS computer workstations ...
3. In which locations do you regularly use computers in connection with your studies...?
  I use University computers in areas that are close to where I receive my teaching    
  I use University computers in the Hartley Library public workstation rooms    
  I use University computers in the ATS workstation rooms    
  I don't use University computers much    
  I use my own laptop computer in places on the campus that are convenient to me    
  I use my own computer at home    
  I use a computer somewhere else - please tell me where -->>>  
  I don't use any computers much    
4. I am also interested in your attitudes towards dyslexia.
In the list of statements below please indicate whether you generally agree with or generally disagree with each one to give me an idea of how you feel. Please try to complete them all;
I agree
... with the statement below .....

..... or

I disagree  
  I am able to settle down to my work anytime, anyplace  
  The learning environment at University is considerate of the needs of dyslexic students  
  I've had help with strategies for dealing with my dyslexia but it hasn't made any difference  
  I feel too embarrassed to ask for help with my studies  
  However hard I try, I'll never be as good as someone without dyslexia  
  I often felt pretty stupid at school  
  I find it quite difficult to concentrate on my work most of the time  
  I believe that my dyslexia impacts a great deal on my academic progress  
  If I try hard I can achieve just as much as anyone else  
  I believe that my grades are as much to do with luck as with any effort on my part  
  I don't think my dyslexia makes me any more anxious than anyone else  
  I feel guilty about being dyslexic  
I agree
... with the statement below .....

..... or

I disagree  
  I don't consider myself to be disabled  
  I will always be held back by my dyslexic difficulties  
  I am usually surprised if I get good marks  
  I use strengths related to my dyslexia to help me with study strategies  
  I approach my written work with enthusiasm  
  I don't think my dyslexia makes any difference to the way I tackle my work  
  I don't think about my dyslexia much  
  I keep knowledge about my dyslexia to myself  
  I approach my written work with a high expectation of success  
  My friends know I'm dyslexic  
  Teachers' help at school made little difference to my progress so I didn't ask them much  
  I don't use any of the support services because it makes me feel different  
  My contributions in discussions is usually rubbish, so generally I don't bother  
I agree
... with the statement below .....

..... or

I disagree  
  I believe my dyslexia helps me to be more creative  
  It would make no difference to my progress if my tutors knew about my dyslexia  
  I need to work much harder than my friends to get similar grades  
  I can manage my studies quite adequately without any help  
5. If you would like to tell me more about your views on the ATS, or about how you study in the the University, or about your feelings towards your dyslexia you can use the text field below:  

It is possible that I might like to follow up your reply to this questionnaire with a short interview to find out a little more about your views.
If you would be happy to for me to do this, please leave me your e-mail contact below:

  My e-mail address is:    
7.   Are you... an undergraduate: or a postgraduate:    
8. Are you... male:    
This is the end of the questionnaire - thank you very much for your help;
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